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Event Marketing: Total Knockout or Total Debacle?

The world’s most successful brands are leveraging event marketing to attract customers, and it’s no mistake why. In fact, over 20% of their total marketing budget is spent on(…)

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Fueling Fan Passion

"When you empower fans to actively participate in a sporting event, your brand unleashes that fan’s passion while connecting your brand to all of those positive emotions.

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Branding Events from Start to Finish

"Clients choose to do business with you based on how you appeal to them and how you make them feel. The most important rule in branding not only your company but a specific event is to embrace every available opportunity, beginning in the pre-planning stages and ending with post-event engagement.

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EVENT MARKETING: The Power of Good Data

"Not only is quality data critical to assess your ROI, but the increasing use of that data drives the technology and tools underlying the event marketing experiences you create is impacting your brand image more than ever.

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It's All About Me!

"The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.” To connect with people, you need to understand their passions. As some of the world’s leading companies are discovering, our powerful event marketing platform can be applied to sporting events beyond golf. (…)

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The Great Mash-Up: Social Media + Event Marketing + Technology

When you bring a couple of new technologies and mediums together in novel ways, you’ve got the right mix to fascinate audiences. Sure, we’ve all witnessed the rise of social media + event marketing. Chances are that you’ve directly participated in a few or more social media channels yourself, whether related to an event or(…)

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Using Event Marketing Technology to Create Brand Loyalty

Transforming Engagement into Sticky Customers |  Most people think that the best way to hold onto customers is through “engagement” — interacting as much as possible with current and potential clients in the name of building relationships. It turns out that that’s rarely true. Why? For many consumers, the rising volume of marketing messages is(…)

Fueling Fan Passion


(Warning: All Fans are Not Created Equal!)

There are few things in the world that wield the power to bring people together like sports. Fans come together and rally behind their team, players, and nation in a friendly display of athletic prowess. It may be something as grandiose as the Olympics or the World Cup, or it may be your AAA baseball team taking on the cross-town rivals. Whatever the case may be, fans are a passionate and important part of every team, and fueling fan passion goes a long way when it comes to building your brand.

In this month’s article, GolfTEC Events brings you the latest research supporting (a) how connecting with passionate sports fans builds your brand, (b) how all of your brand loyalists are not created equal (and which ones you should be targeting!), and (c) how to create content that pours rocket fuel on your brand loyalists’ passion to positively impact your brand. 


“The Passion Project,” a comprehensive study across 15 countries and 14 different sports conducted by the Octagon Group has shown, across the board, that when your potential clients are actively involved with a sporting event by way of social media, they are much more likely to make purchases influenced by the sponsorship once it has ended. Therefore, you should be creating opportunities to connect with passionate sports fans.

With golf in particular, they discovered that a full 30% of fans between 18 and 54 are actively tweeting during any given event. They share what they see, what they experience, what they feel, who they relate to, and, perhaps most importantly for you, the brands that sponsor the outings.

GolfTEC Events is about creating experiences that connect these passionate fans with your brand. Think about it – when you empower fans to actively participate in a sporting event, your brand unleashes that fan’s passion while connecting your brand to all of those positive emotions. Instead of merely watching an event, fans are firmly entrenched within an event experience – and now your brand is associated with all of this feel-good mojo. 



The Passion Shift: Are all fans created equal? No! Which fans have the most impact on your brand’s bottom line?

Golf began as a regal activity, with the rolling greens of St. Andrew’s setting the stage for discussions of business and land ownership, teaching the elite how to spoil a good, long walk with a gentleman’s game. As with most everything in life, there has been an evolution. Players like Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia came on to the scene and brought with them the youthful exuberance of a new generation of players. Pair that with the technological advances of the last decade, and you are now targeting a much different group of fans.

There always have been and always will be avid fans of the sport. They are the ones who settle in for a long day of watching walked fairways across the screen, the ones who buy passes for the Open the day they go on sale.

These fans are the ones you respect and admire for their dedication to the sport, but they are not the fans you are targeting when you fuel fan passion.

You want to target the ones who talk about the sport as it is happening. You want the interactive fans. You want the fans who are sharing updates in real time, who are talking about how great it is that “@YourCompany” is involved with an amazing experience.

The way a fan interacts with both your brand and how they use the content you provide have been shown to have much more of a causal effect on their future buying decisions than the avidity that same fan reports to have in regards to the sport or event. In other words, the more the fan includes your content, the more likely they are to have a positive association with your product and the more likely they are to invest in your company in the future.

GolfTEC Events at the US Open

GolfTEC Events powering the American Express Championship Experience at the US OPEN

GolfTEC Events connects these highly impactful, interactive sports fans with your brand by stimulating their passion and powerfully linking your brand to that positive experience. As an example, over 85% of the event participants spend an average of 16 minutes reviewing their golf lesson within that client’s web site. Then, those same people revisit the site an average of 2.4 times over the next 6 months.    



The Passion Continuum: Fueling the flames of passion!

Much like anything else in life, people will always have varying degrees of interest in a particular activity. Not every person who golfs is an avid follower of the professional game, while plenty of amateurs voraciously devour statistics.

You should take the time to target all fans, regardless of their level of fandom, and focus specifically on those that will promulgate your brand.

Of the eight levels of interactivity that Octagon identified, we’ll cover three to give you an idea of what those levels look like and what to expect from them:

Couch Potato: These fans love the sport, but prefer to watch it from the comfort of their own home. It’s likely they don’t get out to golf nearly as much as they would like to, and are not necessarily up-to-date on the goings on of the sporting world. These fans are passive and, while they might see and occasionally share information on social media, are not necessarily a target market for this type of branding. The key here is to give these fans an incentive to participate, like a free golf swing analysis at an event. If you missed it, read our article, “Using Event Marketing Technology to Create Brand Loyalty.

Weekend Warrior: Here is where the bread is laid down for your “bread and butter” fans: they shag balls at the range after work, catch a quick nine during the week (when they can…), and plan for early morning tee times on the weekends. These fans are more interested in sharing content because it is a part of who they are as a person. They watch tournaments on TV and in person, share stats with friends, and are active on social media. Generally a younger demographic, their brand loyalties are not yet tied down and are much more likely to be swayed by positive social interactions. The key to fueling passion in these fans’ hearts is to firmly align your brand and its values with theirs. We talk about how to win these minds and hearts in our article, “Event Marketing: Discovering New Clients through Shared Values.

Super Fan: The super fan knows all. Longest hole? Par 7 at Satsuki Golf Club in Japan. Most majors wins? Jack Nicklaus with 18. Course record for the Masters Tournament? Tiger Woods with an 18 under par. This fan is a golf fan for life. It is what they do. You post relevant information, and they will tell everyone they know. They may have unwavering brand loyalty, and it is up to you to see to it that it’s your brand they are unwavering from. Play to them by thanking them for posting, favoriting their tweets, and sharing pictures that are pertinent to what your company is doing. Want to know all about this attractive avid golfer demographic? See our article, “What You Need to Know Now: How To Rule Golf + Social Connectivity.”

Take into account what you can do for the fans that lie in between these categories. Some fans may passively share information based on what appeals to them, while others will share anything they see as interesting or appealing. Much like every client you do daily business with is different, so too are the fans to which you appeal.

The great news is that the GolfTEC Events platform captures these fans regardless of where they fit within the passion continuum. We know how to create excitement, how to get your fans actively involved so that their interest grows, and how to get them engaged in your brand experience.  

Building a fan base can be just as important as building a customer base. Armed with the knowledge to do more and grow faster, you can harness the influence of sport and sway the kind of buying decisions that boost the bottom line of your business.

GolfTEC Events’ event platform enables us to collect very accurate and real-time, validated client contact data while reinforcing a favorable brand image. The data we collect is relevant, measureable and, above all, it is meaningful.

GolfTEC Mercedes Build Brand Loyalty

GolfTEC Events provides not just a way to connect with clients, but also a way to build positive associations with a new and broader customer base. By enabling fans to actively participate in a sporting event, your reach extends beyond the day-of and out into the world.

Ready to put our brand-building expertise to work during your next event? Contact GolfTEC Events today.

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Branding Golf Events from Start to Finish


As a consumer, you go through life seeing the signs of business all around you, from the first coffee stop of the day to your evening business meeting over dinner. Each company you choose to spend money with is branding themselves to appeal to you, and the better they do with the branding opportunities, the more likely you are to become a repeat customer. You choose a specific coffee shop because of the atmosphere and attitude of the baristas, the same way you choose a restaurant for a dinner meeting because of how it portrays you and your company as a whole. Along the same vein, clients choose to do business with you based on how you appeal to them and how you make them feel.

The most important rule in branding not only your company but branding golf events is to embrace every available opportunity, beginning in the pre-planning stages and ending with post-event engagement. How you do this determines how people view your business. When it comes to event marketing, you want your potential clients to feel like they are aligning themselves with a company that cares, that can enhance their bottom line, and with whom they can build a lasting relationship. You want to show them that the amount of attention to detail you show with an immersive and social experience like a GolfTEC Events outing is the same as you would give to their wants and needs in the business realm.

What you are trying to do with your event marketing is build yourself as a recognizable, trusted partner. This is easily accomplished by taking the right steps and approaching events with your brand in mind. As identified by Stinson Brand Innovation, there are four core tenets to follow when branding an event:

Amex PGA GolfTEC Event

This is where our PGA Professionals, as brand ambassadors, engage your audience for maximum impact.



  1. Build Anticipation - Start early and ensure you have a rapt audience when it comes time for branding golf events. Appeal to the curious side of the human psyche by giving enough information to keep them wanting more and build on that until the event. Hint towards contests for longest drive, hole-in-one, or closest-to-the-pin, offering up prizes that are – in and of themselves – another branding opportunity for you.
  2. Engage Your Audience - Your event has been put in place for a specific reason, whether to reward an existing client or build your current base by appealing to a larger audience. Golf is one of the rare sports that allows you the space and time to delve deeper into what they want, and it should be seized with fervor! Make your engagements meaningful by being attentive, asking the right questions, and ensuring them that your company is the solution they have been looking for all along.
  3. Extend the Experience - Engagement is not just about the outing itself, but about the long-term assets acquired from that promotional experience. Extend this beyond the day-of by including a custom website in your event marketing plan. Allow clients to see how you present yourself day-to-day in the lead up, get them involved in facets of the event by asking questions that show you value their opinions, and brand your company as one that seeks active involvement and enriching ideas from those they work with.
  4. Magnify the Impact - Move beyond the idea that you can only reach who is in front of you by building something bigger around the event. Take that same website and expand on it! Live stream keynote speeches for those who couldn’t attend in person, post real-time stats about player performance, and showcase action shots of each player that can be downloaded once the event has finished. The longer you can get a client to engage with your company and your product, the better the chances you will see a return.


Mercedes GolfTEC Event

When we host an event for our clients, over 85% of the event participants spend an average of 16 minutes reviewing their golf lesson within that client’s web site. Then, those same people revisit the site an average of 2.4 times over the next 6 months.


The measure of a successful event is different for each experience, depending on what you hope to garner from it. Is it more clients? Is it happier clients? Is it higher returns on current business? The decision you make in regards to your outcome will be the decision that guides the event marketing plan from start to finish, as well as determining the direction your event branding as a whole will take. Regardless of the angle, there are certain steps that can pilot you and your company through a successful event:

Make the experience authentic: You have your goal in mind and what your event is providing is, ostensibly, a way to sell this goal. The key is not to treat it like a sales pitch. Make your client comfortable, make sure they understand what it is your selling, but don’t make them feel as though the only reason you’re walking them down the fairway is to get them to buy.

Involve your whole group in the strategy: Every good executive knows that it is the people who work for them that make the company. No man is an island, and that includes the team you assemble for the event. Make sure each team member knows why they are there, what image you want to present, and what the goals of the event include. They are the face of your entire event marketing plan, the sum of your branding opportunities, and the key making the outing successful.

Develop talking points: This goes hand-in-hand with involving your group and addressing the point of assembling the event. You are presenting this opportunity as a means to an end, and every question a client has should be met with a well-informed and thought provoking answer. If your goal is to get clients to try out a new product or service, then every member of your team should be intimate with the ins and outs of that product or service. If your goal is to grow business with a current client, then your team should know what services you provide that will help them with their specific needs.

Devote an appropriate amount of staff and money: Through the course of years in the business world, every one of us has attended an event that was lackluster or disorganized, most often a result of inadequate staffing or insufficient funds allocated to said event. When your goal is to make a client feel important and valued, this can be detrimental. Make it a point to devote the kind of man power and money to make every part of your event nothing short of amazing and you will see the returns that prove your investment was worth it.


The design and execution of your event marketing plan culminates in the event itself, and here you are presented with myriad opportunities to brand your company and highlight your goals face-to-face. Start early by mailing out welcome bags to key individuals within the group prior to the event, sending the message that you are invested in their upcoming involvement.  By the day-of, they will likely have shared and spread the excitement you incited, making all of the attendees more receptive to your overall objectives. Build on this momentum throughout the day with more subtle, but tasteful branding. From the signs at the parking lot entrance to the polo shirts seen on the event staff to tee gifts and sleeves of balls, there is an opportunity at every turn to ensure that the clients associate your name, your logo, and your brand with an extremely positive interaction.

In the end, what you want to know is: How effective was this event? Did we achieve the goals we set out to achieve? Use some of these metrics to determine the ROI from your event:

-  Did this generate new leads for your business?

-  Did this event increase the volume of sales from the client?

-  How many meetings were scheduled as a direct result of business discussed during the event?

-  How much post-event traffic has the event website or the company’s website received since the conclusion of the event?

GolfTEC Events New Media

-  How has our presence on social media increased as a result of the event? Additionally, it is always a great idea to send out an e-mail to all participants after the event has concluded, which should include a heartfelt “Thank You” for attending, as well as a short survey to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. What did they enjoy? How likely are they to do business with you as a result of what they learned and experienced? Could anything be done differently to ensure a more enjoyable event in the future?


Questions like these provide a rubric for prospective events, determining which pieces of your event marketing were successful and which pieces need to be swapped out.

GolfTEC Events’ goal with each and every experience we produce is to ensure that you can engage clients in a fun and approachable way, something that normal business interactions are generally devoid of. We provide the kind of comfortable and inviting environment, whether that is a one-on-one swing analysis in the courtyard or a full-scale weekend tournament, that allows you to communicate with and concentrate on your business relationships in a way that builds lasting returns.

Ready to put GolfTEC Events to work for your brand? GolfTEC Events offers a wide variety of branded solutions to help you make the most of any upcoming event. Whether you’re hosting a small golf group or have a hospitality suite set up at a PGA TOUR event, GolfTEC Events has a solution to achieve your marketing goals.

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EVENT MARKETING: The Power of Good Data


As a business professional, you know that you cannot demonstrably improve what you cannot measure; and to measure, you need ‘good’ data—data that is accurate and robust.

This month, we’re talking about the value of collecting and measuring good client data. Not only is quality data critical to assess your ROI, but the increasing use of that data drives the technology and tools underlying the event marketing experiences you create and it is impacting your brand image more than ever. Read on to learn whether your event experiences are meeting today’s standards.

Why does the underlying data matter?

Businesses, and increasingly all of society, have become intensely data-driven. Decisions that used to be based largely on guesstimates are now supported by vast reams of quantitative information. However, the value of that data is minimal if it is inaccurate, or if the wrong data is used to measure your return on investment.


“As the world leader in golf instruction, we live and breathe by the measurable improvement of our clients’ golf performance. We’re obsessed by the quality of the data underlying our technology because it is critical to our success as the world’s leading golf instruction and golf event marketing company,” says Steve Bauerle, GolfTEC’s VP of Business Development.

“We extend this same obsession when we collect data for our clients,” explains Bauerle, “and our event platform enables us to collect very accurate and real-time, validated client contact data while reinforcing a favorable brand image. The data we collect is relevant, measureable and, above all, it is meaningful.”


According to a McKinsey study, only 11% of marketers’ decisions are based on data. Use good underlying data to drive sales and marketing decisions, and you can increase your ROI by 15-20%. This translates to $150-$200 billion in additional value based on global marketing expenditure of $1 trillion/year!


What does your current client data collection process look like? Is it yielding highly accurate client data and insights in a cost-effective manner? If not, consider these key elements to collecting data:


1. SYSTEMS: Is your data collection process fully integrated with your event? Is it easy to use for all participants (including staff and event attendees)? Many organizations use live experience Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as:

• Number of event attendees
• Average time spent (interaction time)
• Engagement rates
• Attendance rate
• Social media sentiment & engagement rates
• Digital channel metrics
• Number of impressions

2. VOLUME: How many people can your current process accommodate? Does it break when there are more or fewer than anticipated participants? For example, during an on-site event, GolfTEC Events captures an attendees’ swing data at a rate of 1 per 45 seconds, an enviable throughput. Events are designed to accommodate any fluctuation in event participant volume.

3. REAL-TIME VALIDATION: Are you able to validate your client contact data in real time? GolfTEC Events brand ambassadors verify event attendees’ contact information with an instant email verification process.

GolfTEC Brand Building

4. BRAND BUILDING: Is your collection process boosting your brand image? Brand ambassadors should appropriately represent your brand. You can capture your participants’ contact information and feedback in an enjoyable environment while they are highly receptive to your brand messaging and data collection effort.

5. RESIDUAL EFFECT: Does your data collection process enable you to follow up after the event to gain additional insights or feedback about your clients? GolfTEC WebLessons hook event attendees back to your web site where you have the opportunity to gain additional insights or feedback.



Your clients interact with your brand during and after an event. We believe there are three key elements of brand-building through event marketing:

1. MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL: Each interaction with your brand should yield the sense that yours is a mutually beneficial relationship. What benefit are you bringing to your event participants?

2. SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY: How are your clients interacting and experiencing your brand before, during and after the event? Are your clients inclined to share the experience with other like-minded people? Is there scale to the social media interaction?

3. GENUINE EXPERIENCE: Are your clients experiencing a meaningful purpose to each interaction? Is the experience credible?

Especially in a world filled with tons of social chatter and messaging clutter, you will instantly devalue your brand if you host events based on inaccurate systems. For example, when hosting a golf event, your core golf enthusiasts will sniff out a flawed technology platform filled with poor data just as your loyal brand ambassadors will revolt at affiliating your brand with subpar partners.

“We’ve validated our underlying swing analysis technology over the lifespan of our company, which translates to over four million lessons so far and tens of thousands of swing analyses,” states Andy Hilts, Vice President of Instruction, GolfTEC.

Stay in touch with trade show attendees after the event

“Technology is always improving and there are always new solutions. We measure, analyze and test ongoing. We end up adopting only those solutions that yield an acceptable margin of error. Since our standards are extremely high, that acceptable range is nominal.”

“GolfTEC’s technology is unmatched due to our rigorous R&D process. We’re lending our technology to the world’s leading companies. Our product is a reflection on their brand image, so you can bet we’re scrutinizing our technology platform as new technologies emerge,” says Hilts.

The GolfTEC Events platform is designed to create favorable brand-building impressions through each interaction. At a GolfTEC event, any one of GolfTEC’s 650 PGA professionals use GolfTEC’s proprietary event technology platform to deliver an exceptionally high quality, accurate WebLesson which includes personalized instruction and integrated video tips. Event attendees benefit from the experience because of the knowledge they gain. As a result, they want to share the experience and insights with others.



Event marketers want to create a strong favorable impression of their brand, maximize the engagement, and add scale. They know that data needs to drive decisions. In order to make decisions, you need to know how to report the data to key decision makers. For example, Harvard Business School offers a useful tool ( to help organizations calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in the context of reporting on an event’s ROI.

For example, one approach to reporting your ROI would be to use cohort analysis of attendees’ pre/post behavior to determine a ‘lift’ in value. Then, compare your attendee value to a control group of consumers.
In nearly all data-gathering situations, there are far more types of information that could be gathered than you can possibly collect and analyze.

GolfTEC Power of Great Data

GolfTEC Events provides clients with meaningful data: precisely who interacted with your brand and for how long; how s/he interacted with your brand, and answers to any other questions that you wish to ask while these individuals are most receptive as your captive audience. You can readily gauge the level of interest and interaction with your brand. However, if you’ve properly defined your KPIs for your event, you can report meaningful metrics that will help drive decisions based on fact versus sentiment.

Your objective is to make your brand experiences smarter every time they occur.



We know that when we host an event for our clients, over 85% of the event participants spend an average of 16 minutes reviewing their golf lesson within that client’s web site. Then, those same people revisit the site an average of 2.4 times over the next 6 months. We know how to help your clients reconnect with your brand, commemorate the event and return long after the event.

Overall, an event experience should yield the following:

1. Validated client data
2. Favorable brand impressions during and after the event
3. Measureable, relevant and meaningful data to calculate your return on investment (ROI)



Calculating your Event ROI

In order to measure the success of an event, we approach the ROI calculation by looking at the following data points:

+ Did they share the experience? We can tell you precisely who shared the experience and quantify it.

GolfTEC Events Calculating ROI

+ How long after the event are they still engaged? What if you were to push brand messaging to these clients after the event as part of an ongoing dialog? On average, our GolfTEC Events attendees revisit your branded site to reengage after an event an average of 2.4 times over the following 6 months without provocation. Now, imagine what your brand could do with that if you created a reengagement campaign with your captive audience? for you.+ Did your clients re-engage with your brand after the event? Do you have a process in place to measure ongoing engagement? We do.

+ Which KPIs do you want to measure, and how reliable is that data?


Interested in affiliating your brand with our world-class instruction and event management system?

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What You Need to Know Now: How to Rule Golf + Social Connectivity

GolfTEC Events Social Connectivity

Golf is the most social sport in the entire world.

Golf events draw people into a social environment, where they are forming new relationships in a relaxing environment conducive to social sharing.

Given the age and “conservative nature” of a typical core golfer, you might think that core golfers would be less engaged in technology and social media. However, the opposite is actually true. In fact, according to the National Golf Foundation (NGF), “…core golfers are more engaged with social media and consumer-generated content than the general population.”


  • 68% of core golfers maintain a profile on a social network
  • 4.6 million core golfers regularly read blogs about golf brands, courses or travel
  • 8.3 million core golfers visit a primary social networking site at least once a week (4.6M visit it every day!)


More importantly, there are deeper reasons behind why people share their experiences than what you might think – so read on for some great insights.


The Golf Demographic


If 85% of total spending in golf is being done by people heavily engaged in social media who use social media to choose products, travel destinations, courses to play and clubs to join, what do you need to do to connect with these spenders and capitalize on this growing trend?

GolfTEC clients made up of 350,000 clients nationwide, are an ideal audience because they represent the most influential and affluent members of the overall golf demographic. Here is what we know about our affluent golf market segment:

  • Average Age: 53
  • 30% are Members of Private Clubs
  • Average HH Income is $138k (43% is 150k+)
  • 20% Spent $1,500+ Last Year on Equipment
  • 73% of households make $100,000+
  • 30% represent top management
  • 75% approve or order products or services for their business
  • Responsible for business spending of $176,000 annually
  • Highly active, affluent buying profile
  • Unique psychographics
  • Highly motivated
  • Focused
  • Determined
  • High Expectations
  • Willing to pay for the best

We understand our clients, and we can help you connect to this golf demographic. This month, GolfTEC Events is sharing How to Rule Golf + Social Connectivity in the event space:




1. Recognize the profound, real science behind our social need to share experiences.

We want to share with friends and groups via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, as a deeply held belief that it will connect us with one another.

  • The need to connect is the primary driver behind our behavior
  • We believe that pain and pleasure alone guide our actions

Our brain uses its spare time to learn about the social world – other people and our relation to them. Our brains are wired to connect! In Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect, renowned psychologist Matthew Lieberman explores groundbreaking research in social neuroscience revealing that our need to connect with other people is even more fundamental, more basic, than our need for food or shelter.

Our brains react to social pain and pleasure in much the same way as they do to physical pain and pleasure. Fortunately, the brain has evolved sophisticated mechanisms for securing our place in the social world.


2. Businesses need to encourage – not minimize – social interaction!

Our most private sense of who we are is intimately linked to the important people and groups in our lives. This wiring often leads us to restrain our selfish impulses for the greater good.

These mechanisms lead to behavior that might seem irrational, but is really just the result of our deep social wiring and necessary for our success as a species. People who connect to others more readily are more successful.


3. There is a big difference between high tech ‘enabled’ social media vs high tech social media ‘integration’.

Enabling people to tweet, post and chirp about their event experience is prerequisite to truly utilizing each social platform for its optimal purpose. Take it one step further by using next-gen social platforms such as TweetDeck, Tweetcaster or Yoono to amplify the dialogue with your audience within the context of your event.


4. Need to improve a skill? Hire a coach, of course.

One reason golf remains such a popular sport is because it provides the opportunity to spend a few quality hours with minimal outside disruption. During this time, you can unplug and focus your attention on your playing partners while improving a vital skill.

Another social connection opportunity is to host a party at a GolfTEC Improvement Center. Our coaches work with individuals and/or small groups, and help you truly connect with each event guest.


5. Competition brings out our need for social proof.

Want to create more human connections during an event? Virtual contests create a new level of engagement. Using contest platforms such as Strutta and Binkd helps you amplify the impact of the social dialog, which in turn gives you exponential impact to your investment.




6. Shorter is better!

Repeat. After. Me.

When it comes to social media, your fans like it short and sweet. Don’t use ten cent words when penny words work.

Across all types of online mediums, the shorter the message the better. Here are some examples of ideal message lengths, according to Buffer:

  • 100 characters is the “engagement sweet spot” for a tweet
  • The ideal Facebook post is less than 40 characters
  • The ideal Google+ headline is less than 60 characters

Want to read more? Buffer’s blog post about social media best practices is here.


7. Add value, not noise.

Today, people sift through a lot of ‘noise’ online. According to Facebook, over 4.75B pieces of content are posted daily. The average Facebook user is exposed to 1,500 pieces of content with every login.

The brands that win on social media are the ones that focus on producing quality content over quantity. With quality content, you will stand out amidst the din of background chatter.


8. Stop talking about yourself!  

Despite the fact that social media enables it, no one likes a person who talks about himself or herself all the time.

Brands need to find a way to connect and engage with fans. If you’re constantly pushing content and not cultivating relationships on a deeper level, you will eventually lose your captive audience.

Make sure you are balancing content that sells or pushes an initiative with content that entertains. Example: For every post with a hard company sell, you should have at least four that simply entertain.


9. Be natural.

Social media is about a genuine and personal connection, so brands want to seem as natural as can be when they interact on platforms. Think about how consumers use each platform in their daily life and mimic their behavior in your strategy.


10. Emotions are king.

If you want people to share, then trigger their emotions.

If you haven’t read Jonah Berger’s Contagious on why things catch on, it’s a must-read. In his book, Berger explains that one of the key elements to virality is high arousal (and it can be both positive and negative).

Extreme emotions like awe, anxiety, anger, joy and surprise all spur sharing—tap into these emotions and you will create compelling content.


GolfTEC Events are designed to help your business take full advantage of social connectivity.

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It’s All About Me!


Despite our busy world of hyperactive social media buzz and ubiquitous marketing messages, there is one principle that governs all: your own thoughts and experiences are likely your favorite topic of conversation.

On average, people spend 60% of conversations talking about themselves—and this figure jumps to 80% when communicating via social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

There is seemingly endless research on the topic of why our favorite subject is ourselves, but what we’re talking about today is how this powerful truth impacts you. (A bit of irony that we want to talk about you?) After all, we’ve learned from master communicator and author Dale Carnegie (Winning Friends and Influencing People) that “…the royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.” To connect with people, you need to understand their passions.

What does this powerful principle mean? Well, for starters it means that people are at the core of every matter. Regardless of whether you are in financial services, real estate, healthcare, teaching or sales…you are in the “people” business. It seems a trite and overused expression, but if you figure out how to motivate people, you are likely to be successful in life.

This fundamental principle also explains why our events are so successful. We create experiences, and then content that relates directly to an individual’s passion. The proof is in the math: when we host an event where we capture a participant’s golf swing, 85% percent of the participants visit the emailed link to view their results. This WebLessons® engages event attendees unlike any other email because people want to see themselves and learn how to improve their performance.

On average, that individual spends 16 minutes within the WebLessons®! And, it not only stops there, individuals want to share the experience with others (Look at me! Look where I am!) across all forms of social media. Thanks to our branded technology platform built around each event’s sponsor, the resulting exponential impact of just one event is enough to make companies think more about how to integrate our event marketing technology within their broader marketing mix. Our clients get to talk about themselves, while connecting with their clients and prospective clients who love learning about themselves. It is a royal road to brand loyalty, indeed!

As some of the world’s leading companies are discovering, our powerful event marketing platform can be applied to sporting events beyond golf.

GolfTEC Events Volleyball AVP Championship

Did you know that our innovative g-SWING technology can be applied to sports beyond golf? GolfTEC Events’ motion capture and event marketing technology pushes the boundaries of education and entertainment. GolfTEC’s g-SWING technology can be applied to many other sports: volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, baseball, basketball and tennis, to name a few.


When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion. – Dale Carnegie


Where can our powerful event marketing expertise be applied? You tell us.

We have created experiences to match passions in multiple environments: Tennis at the US Open (we provided 5,000+ lessons); Volleyball at the AVP Championships. We do not always have to provide full lessons. Just capturing the video using our systems is an excellent start to capturing and sharing the moment and expanding your brand through the participant’s social channels.


Amex US Open GolfTEC Events Tennis Lessons

We can apply our innovative motion capture technology to a broad sports audience whether we are capturing a tennis swing or a golf swing.

Depending on your audience, here are a few ideas to connect you with your target clients:

  • Baseball – Throwing or hitting analysis at a baseball game

  • Basketball – Free throw/shooting analysis

  • Football – Field goal attempt or throwing a football

  • NASCAR – Tire change/pit crew

  • Other ideas are welcome!


Show Me the Love!
Create Brand Intimacy with Clients


How do you show your clients that you care about them? Some clients want to be showered with gifts. Some react when given positive feedback and reinforcement. Others prefer quality time. Here is a vehicle that suits all preferences, enabling you to thrust your brand front and center.



As event marketing leaders who help the world’s leading brands effectively communicate with their clients and prospective consumers, we’ve shared ideas about how to use event marketing to cut through the noise in order to build a greater sense of brand loyalty from your best customers.

“We show our corporate partners how we add value to their events by creating unique, interactive impressions upon their clients. For example, at each event we develop one-on-one relationships with each participant – strictly adhering to the objectives of that client’s overall branding strategy – so that each person walks away with a favorable impression of the experience. We very much see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ brand and therefore we are very sensitive to the details that formulate that overall impression,” says Steve Bauerle, GolfTEC’s Vice President of Business Development.

The most important concept here is that customers are loyal to companies that share the same values. Use your event as a platform to show your customers how much you share in common with their philosophies and beliefs.


According to a Harvard Business Review study of over 7,000 consumers here and abroad, “of the consumers in our study who said they have a brand relationship, 64 percent cited shared values as the primary reason. That’s far and away the largest driver.”



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About GolfTEC

GolfTEC is the undisputed leader in golf instruction. Over the past decade, we have taught millions of lessons with our patented g-SWING teaching system and have brought this experience to events for the world’s leading companies. We combine g-SWING, which utilizes digital video and motion analysis, with a Certified Personal Coach™ to provide the most comprehensive web-delivered lesson available.

All lessons are transformed into WebLessons® so event attendees can continue to enjoy their lesson long after the event. The result is a powerful one-to-one connection with clients that forms on event day, yet is entrenched even after the event has ended — clients spend an average of 16 minutes at your site reviewing their event ‘souvenir’. Now you have a captive audience both during and after the event.



The Essential Guide to Hosting a Corporate Golf Day

GolfTEC Corporate Golf Day

Over the past 15 years, we’ve had the opportunity to execute hundreds of corporate golf days. As the global leader in golf improvement, GolfTEC brings you this guide to hosting a successful corporate golf day from our perspective:



First, you should outline your key objectives for the golf outing.  Why are you hosting the event, and what do you hope to accomplish? Here are four objectives that we most often hear from our clients:


Boost quality time with prospective or current clients


Chances are that your company already knows the benefits of hosting a corporate golf outing. After all, golf is the world’s leading corporate sport. Few other sports can lure senior executives from their heavy workloads and other commitments – especially when considering that a well-organized golf day is a 6-hour relationship building tool. If you compare this to the average 20 minute appointment with a harried client, you understand that a corporate golf day can do wonders for your business relationships.


Interact with clients in an environment where they are most receptive


Whether your goal is to share information, gain insights regarding a possible new business strategy or service line, or educate clients about a new product offering, a well-planned corporate golf outing sets the right environment for relaxed conversation. However, do not assume that that the mere act of inviting a client to play a round of golf is, in itself, enough to build that relationship. The devil is in the details. Pay attention to the details and remove any obstacles that get in the way of a smooth, relaxed day.




If you are known for creating an environment that fosters networking amongst all of your participants, your value increases. Make sure you create lots of opportunities for your guests to mingle – and not just with you, but with other guests who can help that individual’s business as well. Thoughtful pairings boost your favorability ratings.



A well-executed corporate golf day provides an opportunity to pair attendees up with each other for the benefit of each other’s goals. Sharing values reinforces relationships and distinguishes your company from your competition. Photo: VPAR.


Thank clients for their patronage


A corporate golf outing is an ideal way to say thanks to your clients for their continued support. Aside from the invitation to get out to play for the day, take advantage of all of the subtle ways to further illustrate your appreciation for your clients. Think through everything from the meal selection to the gift bags other amenities that can be incorporated into your golf outing.


The bottom line: Getting people excited about an event means getting to work well before the event itself.


We’ve run events for the world’s leading companies. We’ve learned what it takes to get an event kicked off so that by event day, we’re already building on momentum that was created in the days or weeks prior,” says Geoff Hiland, GolfTEC’s Director of Events.



Perform a site visit prior to your corporate golf day

Visit the site as if it were through the eyes of your guests. For example, look at existing onsite signage. Ensure that the following critical elements are clearly indicated. If not, you may need to order additional signage prior to your corporate golf day:

GolfTEC Events bullet  Will there be clear signage and communication as guests arrive/pull into parking lot?

GolfTEC Events bullet  Is the registration/check-in area easy to find and welcoming?

GolfTEC Events bullet  Are the driving range, lunch site and other important event locations clearly marked?

GolfTEC Events bullet  Meet with the professional staff

  • What will they provide?
  • How many staff members are available to help with bags?
  • What are your expectations for food & beverage carts on the course?

GolfTEC Events bullet Format: What works best at that facility?

  • Choose the correct format for your corporate golf day
  • Make certain that the format is fair for the group of players you expect
  • Most corporate golf days will include players of all levels, so make sure the format is fun and enjoyable for each member of the group
  • Here are some golf tournament format recommendations:
    • Modified Four-Person Scramble: This format works well when you have an overall mix of better players. In this format, all competitors should play a ball from the tee. The team then chooses a preferred ball position from which to play their second shots. Players play their own ball for the remainder of each hole. The Team Score is the sum of the two low scores for each hole. Play can be either a Gross Competition (no handicap allocations) or Net Competition (where handicaps are applied and deducted from the Gross Scores).  In any case, the max score is a bogey.
    • Scramble: This format works well when you have a wide range of players.  If you collect handicaps/skill level prior to the event, then you can assign each playing ability with a letter, e.g. A, B, C and D. Equalize stronger players with less experienced players, e.g. each team has one player at each level A, B, C, and D.
    • Team Game: Perhaps a Ryder Cup-style format works well for your group. This kind of format encourages teamwork, and may be just the ticket for your specific event.


The bottom line: The good and bad with golf is you have players of all levels.  This is good because with the right format, you can bring all of these players together for a day and make them competitive as a group.  However, this is challenging because experience levels and comfort levels are not consistent amongst all of your guests.


GolfTEC Events Corporate Golf Outing

What is the most important thing to consider at this stage of your corporate golf day? Overall, the day should be fun, relaxing, and meaningful for each of your guests. A well-planned event ensures that each player – regardless of ability – enjoys the day.


Run a Well Thought-Out Event

In addition to hosting a great tournament day for current and prospective clients, here are a few ideas for tournament add-ons that will greatly enhance your corporate golf event:


GolfTEC Events bullet  Swing capture
  • Help your guests improve their golf game
  • Personalized WebLesson drives clients back to your website
  • Adds scale, as participants can share their experience with friends via social media
  • 85% of participants return to view their lesson and stay for an average of 16 minutes
  • Swing Capture Information Sheet (link to PDF)


GolfTEC Events bullet  Beginner Clinics
  • These clinics take place during the outing and welcome new or non-golfers to your event
  • Beginner clinics and golf tournament end at the same time so that everyone can go to awards/dinner together
  • Beginner Clinics Information Sheet (link to PDF)


GolfTEC Events bullet  VPAR
  • Bring the interactive and exciting action of live scoring to your event
  • Enhance mobile and social branding opportunities
  • VPAR Live Scoring


GolfTEC Events bullet  Beat the Pro/Celebrity
  • On a Par 3, conduct a beat the pro contest with pro or celebrity
  • If your guests hit it closer than the pro, they win a prize!



The Checklist

From beginning to end, here are essential elements that you need to communicate to your golf outing participants:


GolfTEC Events bulletDoes your online registration/information page contain clear information regarding:

  • Recommended arrival time?
  • Availability and accessibility to food and type of food served?
  • Expected length of play?
  • Post-event activities and timing?
  • Information about the golf course?
  • This golf course is known for…
    • Course tips and strategies, e.g. “Practice your putting as the greens are large and have a lot of breaks.”
    • Information for non-playing guests, e.g. activities peripheral to the course and area


GolfTEC Events bullet How will you handle the arrival of your guests:

  • Do you have an adequately staffed welcome desk?
  • Have you communicated to the golf course staff how to:
    • Assist guests with bags?
    • Directing guests to your welcome/registration area?
    • Will the facility staff assist in setting carts?


GolfTEC Events bullet Will you offer Beginner Clinics for new or inexperienced players so they can participate as well?

GolfTEC Events bullet Would your event benefit from offering Tournament Capture (PDF link)?

  • You can even use this service to add more groups to the course.  Add an “extra hole” and set up the capture station on the driving range or adjacent to that course’s signature hole.  For example, groups can visit this station on their way from hole 18 to 1.

GolfTEC Events bullet Will you offer Live Scoring for guests with mobile devices?

GolfTEC Events bullet Gift bags:

  • Have you ordered gifts you would like to provide with enough lead time?
  • Are you going to place them on the carts or hand out at registration?

GolfTEC Events bullet Do you have any celebrity or event additions to incorporate within your event?

  • Beat the Pro or Celebrity

GolfTEC Events bullet Are you mindful of timing and efficiency?

  • Be on the golf course and drive around and meet up with groups
  • Do you have marshalls? One slow group can make the day miserable for many of your guests so it is important to help any teams that fall behind the expected pace of play.
  • Remember, many of your guests are very busy and have strict schedules

GolfTEC Events bullet Do you need team photos?

  • Digital photos are the standard
  • Have you assigned the task of capturing candid photos throughout the event?

GolfTEC Events bullet Plan for rain.  If it rains, do you have a space and alternate activities planned?


Following Up After the Corporate Golf Event

By delivering something of personal value to your individual players after your event, you create two things: First, the opportunity to distinguish the value of your golf event versus all others. Second, the opportunity to share your sponsor’s brand and messaging to each participant.


At a very minimum, for the most successful corporate golf day events you should include the following items on your post-event checklist:


GolfTEC Events bullet A personalized email thanking guests for participating in your event

GolfTEC Events bullet A recap of the event including results

GolfTEC Events bullet Access to corporate golf day event photos

GolfTEC Events bullet BONUS: Access to a personalized WebLesson


You should have certain technology at your fingertips – for example, GolfTEC Events incorporates a personalized WebLesson based on the golf swing capture during the event. This WebLesson includes video playback, audio tips from a coach, and video drills to help improve swing flaws. Swing capture does not slow down play or distract the golfers.


“The GolfTEC Events WebLesson is an incredible branding tool since we know that over 85% of event attendees spend over 16 minutes then reviewing that WebLesson. It’s a captive audience,” explains Hiland.

For example, generating a personalized WebLesson (User name “0556-00030″ and Password “daveb”).


GolfTEC Events Corporate Golf Day

GolfTEC Events WebLesson Screen

Even after the event, you can build on the enthusiasm from the event to encourage social media sharing, discussion about game improvement, and dialog about your brand.



What about all of the latest golf tournament technology?

Interactivity is redefining golf events. Never before have you been able to experience such a 360 degree view of your golf day: mobile apps to track your progress through live leader boards in real-time as the game unfolds, golf swing capture analysis delivered right to your inbox, and the ability to share your experience with colleagues around the world. These are all opportunities to leverage your brand and connect with people in unprecedented ways. However, all of this cool technology can also clutter your golf event unless it is employed in the correct manner.

GolfTEC Events Real Time Scoring VPAR

Players can track their progress through live leader boards, enabling them to check out the competition, and see what’s happening elsewhere on the course, in real-time as the game unfolds. Photo: VPAR.


GolfTEC Partner, VPAR, developed a live scoring system that enables a complementary, immersive event day experience. In addition to engaging your event attendees with the tournament swing capture, you can provide real-time leader board, game play tools such as GPS integration and social media sharing opportunities. GPS integration helps individual player performance by informing the player about the layout of the next hole, and exactly how far it is to the pin. It helps players decide which club to take and what shot to play.

GolfTEC Events Live Scoring Branding

Photo: VPAR


The Branding Trifecta

A great corporate golf day offers opportunities for individuals to improve their game performance, share the experience with others, and builds your brand identity – all at the same time.


When you take advantage of the best technology – golf swing capture, live scoring and real-time leader boards, social media sharing and tools to help players understand the course layout and strategy – you create extraordinary golf events.


“This is where we shine — it’s event day. Our experience hosting hundreds of events means we’ve thought through every aspect of the logistics, event design and contingencies. We know how to use the best technology out there to enhance the player experience. We’re ready to engage players regardless of player ability. We can offer personalized instruction for beginners either informally or formally as a Beginner Golf Clinic to make them feel at ease. We know which game format works best for various types of events and player ability. We know how to engage the players and rise the competitive spirit in a fun way,” says Cory Boillot, GolfTEC Events Manager.


As one example, Boillot suggests that you communicate with golf event attendees prior to the event via a customized, branded email — perhaps including a welcome video and suggestions and tips for the event itself.


“Let your players know their swings will be captured on the day of the event. Whether we need to operate unobtrusively during course play, or set up as a “19th hole” on the driving range, we can capture each player’s swing on event day. This swing analysis is then packaged as an online personalized WebLesson, which opens up a huge opportunity for your sponsoring companies to communicate with event participants even after the event,” adds Hiland.


GolfTEC Events corporate golf day

Generate excitement in advance of your event by letting players know their golf swings will be captured on the day of the tournament, while reinforcing your brand identity. Customized messaging reinforces your brand’s values, purpose and mission. 




The lingering effect of a well-run golf event is overwhelmingly positive,” concludes Hiland.


Use your upcoming golf event as an opportunity to promote your sponsor and enable attendees to share their excitement with others. Engaging an online audience before the event creates valuable online exposure. Event sponsors are eager to create dialog around a brand’s values and mission, and social networks are ideal to spread that word.


Plus, getting players excited about the event helps you get everyone registered for the event in advance, which helps your event planning committee deal with those inevitable changes that will occur along the way, whether it relates to a menu substitution or changes to game format.


GolfTEC Events VPAR Live Scoring Mobile

Kick it up a notch with leader board and GPS functionality across mobile platforms. Photo: VPAR.


“When you take advantage of the best technology and our expertise in hosting golf events for the world’s leading companies, and pair that with improving individual player performance, the result is extraordinary golf events that benefit every participant.” states Hiland.


Creating the right environment encourages your guests to linger, mingle during cocktail and dining events, and strike up a conversation with your sales reps on the course. Whatever the end goal of your specific golf event, creating the right environment comes down to choosing a golf event management company that knows how to walk the event planners through everything from pre-registration, on-site registrations, signage placement, branding opportunities, tournament format, access to food and beverage and other amenities, lighting and power availability, placing gift bags and premiums, to where, how and when to position key elements of your event such as celebrity or dignitary tie-ins.


It’s a long list, and unique to each event. By including these essential elements in your corporate golf day, you will boost the value of your event to your players while improving the return on your corporate sponsor’s investment.



A great corporate golf day offers opportunities for individuals to:


  • improve their game performance
  • share the experience with others
  • builds your brand identity




Want to learn more about hosting a great corporate golf day?


What happens behind the scenes? GolfTEC Events customizes each corporate golf event to meet the objectives of our client. Whether selecting our Tournament Capture service or extending our event service to include VPAR’s innovative live scoring, we will create the best corporate golf day event for you and your golf outing participants.

Tournament Capture PDF Link

Link to VPAR


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Event Marketing: Discovering New Clients through Shared Values

Discover New Clients | GolfTEC Event Marketing

While executing events for the world’s most successful companies, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to discover new clients. Yes, you need a high-quality product and brand to attract a new audience – but that is not enough. In order to develop “authentic customer relationships” that have lasting value to your brand, it’s time to focus on sharing your values.

This month, we’re sharing three event marketing strategies to help you unearth valuable, new clients:


1. Put a Face to your Brand

We’ve already blasted the myth that a high volume of interactions build relationships. This is because we know that shared values build relationships, not simply the act of frequently mingling with your audience. Therefore, sometimes you need to engage your audience offline as well, in an environment where you can lead with a commonly held philosophy on particular issues that you, your business, and your customers share in order to forge new, lasting relationships.

The reason that the most successful companies are dedicating ever more resources toward event marketing is because well-designed events efficiently communicate a company’s beliefs and values to a large base of consumers. When your values align, the resulting connection is based on a much deeper bond than you can achieve even with the most sophisticated presentation highlighting your features and benefits.

Get to Know GolfTEC Events

You need to effectively convey your values while you have their attention.

“Hosting an event where you are emphasizing shared values builds a stronger sense of community. It puts a face to your brand. You are no longer an abstract corporate identity or mission statement on a web page – now you are a living, breathing individual or group of individuals supporting a common cause or shared values,” says Steve Bauerle, GolfTEC’s Vice President of Business Development.

“The scale of the event does not matter as much as defining an event where your customers get to know who you are, and what you stand for in comparison to all of the other companies out there,” adds Bauerle.

According to the Edelman Good Purpose Survey, promoting a cause through an event builds community, creates loyalty, and builds brand awareness.

“Consumers are not only increasingly accepting of brands looking to do well by doing good – they are expecting it. The savviest companies are finding ways to dialog with stakeholders in a way that is timely, relevant, authentic and differentiated.”

How do the most successful companies marry profit and purpose? They do this by developing social-purpose driven participation platforms – such as ongoing events that highlight a company’s values while gathering people in offline settings.


The goodpurpose® study is Edelman’s annual global research that explores consumer attitudes around social purpose, including their commitment to specific societal issues and their expectations of brands and corporations. The survey was conducted in 16 countries among 8,000 adults, and is the only global, longitudinal study of its kind. 



2. Grow your Sales through Discovery of your Shared Purpose

A common trait of top performing sales executives is an understanding that sales is the process of asking the right questions and sharing the appropriate stories until your client naturally comes to a mutually beneficial conclusion. These top sales executives have likely learned every form of sales technique along the way, such as “solution selling,” “smoke out” or “overcome” objections, or the “assumptive, either/or or value added close.” Regardless of the technique employed to engage in a dialog with a potential sales prospect, they only work if your dialog seems natural, honest or genuine.

Just like any relationship, having a genuine interest in a prospective client is the first step to success. You need to understand his or her perspective and challenges. The second step is to share concrete examples of your success that are relevant to what you just heard. Remember: No one wants to listen to your well-scripted list of features and benefits, especially if they don’t relate to the client’s real challenges.


GolfTEC Event Marketing

Spark conversation around your shared purpose.


How can hosting an event help you discover new sales prospects?

Rather than asking people to subject themselves to your sales pitch, invite them to work on their golf swing. Put their interests ahead of yours. Then, listen. Remember the adage of having two ears and one mouth for a reason? Demonstrate your ability to ask the right questions and then actively listen. If you have established the right environment, you can then share stories that demonstrate where you and your company share the same purpose and values as those of your prospective client. This discovery of shared values and purpose will leave a lasting impression on your prospective client.


3. Spark an Organizational Conversation   

Thanks in part due to social media, each member of your organization is a brand ambassador. Together they amplify your brand exponentially – and whether that message is positive or negative is something that smart leaders are paying increased attention these days, as they engage with employees in a way that resembles an ordinary person-to-person conversation more than it does a series of commands from on high.

As an example, Coca-Cola created a formal ambassadorship program, aimed at encouraging employees to promote the Coke image and product line in speech and in practice. Special events bring employees together in order to discover different facets of the brand image. Coke’s intranet reinforces these events by providing resources such as a tool that connects employees to company-sponsored volunteer events. The program centers around a list of nine ambassadorial behaviors, which include helping the company “win at the point of sale” (for example, by suggesting that employees take it upon themselves to tidy store displays in retail outlets), relaying sales leads, and reporting instances in which a retailer has run out of a Coke product.

When employees feel passionate about their company’s products and services, they become living representatives of the brand. This can and does happen organically—lots of people love what they do for a living and, therefore, will talk it up on their own time.

Just as with your client-facing event marketing and social media, the challenge is to find ways to use conversation to manage the flow of information in an honest, authentic manner. Slick marketing materials have as little effect on employees as they do on customers. One-way broadcast messaging is a relic.


“In the standard corporate communication model, top executives and professional communicators monopolize the creation of content and keep a tight rein on what people write or say on official company channels. But when a spirit of inclusion takes hold, engaged employees can adopt important new roles, creating content themselves and acting as brand ambassadors, thought leaders, and storytellers.”

–Boris Groysverg and Michael Slind, Harvard Business Review


Corporate events are no longer structured as top-down, command and control center types of occasions with unilateral communication. Nowadays, events are designed to enable an ongoing dialog, to share ideas, and communicate concepts that would just get lost in the clutter of any other medium.

“Modern event marketing is high-touch, with the ability to adjust whether what is needed is high quality versus a high quantity of dialog. Our events are designed to help our clients communicate their values to all stakeholders, whether that needs to be accomplished inside of a couple minutes or a couple of hours.” states Bauerle.

Ready to use our event marketing technology to discover new clients? 

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Brand Ambassadors: Who’s Representing You?

GolfTEC Builds Brand Ambassadors

Every individual representing your organization serves as a brand ambassador |

Whether you’re marketing sports cars, PCs, or ocean cruises, or building racetracks, software or ships, you’re making brand promises that are supported — or not supported — by the people who work for you. Of course, this includes your employees who dream up and develop your products, communicate with your customers, and service what you market.

However, anyone representing your company while facing your customers, however indirectly, gives meaning and dimension to your company’s brand promise. Therefore, every individual representing your organization serves as a brand ambassador whether he or she understands your brand promise or not.


What’s the risk?

We may be stating the obvious, but customers do not build a passionate connection to a company through their company policies, customer service procedures, or organizational charts. This is because customers are people, and they connect to other people and not inanimate objects. Predictably, when people feel a positive connection with other people, they begin to feel warmly toward the company represented by those individuals.

Therefore, most people agree that your business representatives are critically important contributors to the strength and health of a company’s brand relationships. These individuals have a significant impact on customer relationships.

So, the risk is having poor brand ambassadors is that all of these relationships often far outweigh the influence not just of your carefully crafted advertising message, but also significantly impact the prices you charge for your goods and/or services and, ultimately, the return on each of your painstakingly designed storefronts.

Invest in developing strong brand ambassadors, and you will see the favorably impact on your organization.


GolfTEC brand ambassadors

If fulfilling your brand promise is truly in the hands of each of your organization’s representatives, it follows that you would reasonably spend as much time nurturing their understanding and commitment to your brand promise as you spend crafting your advertising, designing your packaging, and outfitting your stores. But it seems that’s rarely the case.


This month, we’re talking about the critical importance of choosing strong brand ambassadors to represent your company – whether they are representing you at a home office shindig or competitive global trade event.

“Understanding each of our clients’ brand strategy is essential to representing a brand. Our role is to reinforce that brand at all times by proactively engaging our guests, extending professionalism at all times, and remaining diplomatic while striking a common interest so that we help our clients build relationships with their clients,” says Steve Bauerle, GolfTEC’s Vice President of Business Development.

“Why companies should give great care to who represents their brand is because strong brand ambassadors are catalysts for your brand’s most passionate promoters. In turn, they attract new loyalists who are, for example, more forgiving of service errors. These passionate consumers advocate consistently in a manner that benefits the brand in a lasting way. Our role extends well beyond showing up and entertaining people.”


Lessons Learned about Brand Ambassadorship

In a nationwide survey conducted by the Gallup Panel, where Gallup representatives spoke with over 3,000 individuals employed across a full spectrum of companies ranging from healthcare to hotels, these individuals were asked the same questions as consumers regarding their connectedness to brands.

What Gallup revealed is that company representatives who feel “disconnected” from the brands they’re asked to represent and have little knowledge of — or enthusiasm for — what it takes to transform customer transactions into enduring relationships are more prevalent than you might think — 18.6%.

Strong Brand AmbassadorsAlthough this finding was not necessarily a revelation in and of itself, the point is that for every person who is not fully on board with your brand – whether an employee or hired event staff — you are missing critical marketing and brand-building opportunities.

If your front line representatives indicate that they have little or no understanding of whatever supposedly differentiates your company’s products and services from those offered by the competition, how far are you falling behind the competition?

“The companies we represent at events are successful in part because they understand the importance of being represented by a very strong team who extends the resources of their strongest brand ambassadors,” says Bauerle.

“These companies recognize when they need additional, professional brand ambassadors to fill out their team. This means we play a very proactive role in reinforcing what a brand stands for. We create an environment that extends the brand identity.”

GolfTEC Brand AmbassadorsHowever, there is a silver lining even if you think your current brand representatives are not yet operating at full speed. While you work to motivate and educate employees, you can make up some of that distance by selectively choosing who represents your brand at critical events.

Gallup developed an index of “brand ambassadorship” created from two core items. Employee responses — using a five-point rating scale — together reveal how well the company’s brand promise is understood and show the extent to which it represents a point of common employee pride. These two items are:

  • “I know what my company stands for and what makes our brand(s) different from the competition.”
  • “I’m extremely proud of the quality of the products/services my company offers.”

Combining these ratings reveals three meaningful groupings of employees:

  • Brand Ambassadors strongly agree that they know what their company stands for and take great pride in what it markets.
  • The Uninformed or Uninspired agree, but only mildly, that they have real pride in what they market and know what makes it stand apart.
  • The Disconnected have neither pride in what they provide nor a feeling for why it’s any different from what other companies offer.


GolfTEC Brand Ambassadors

Think it matters who you hire for your next trade show, event or VIP hospitality suite? Your strongest brand ambassadors possess numerous traits that exemplify the qualities of your brand. They also understand what your brand stands for, and know how to act as a catalyst while representing your brand’s offerings.


As market leaders in golf event management, we offer these ideas about brand building and the importance of selecting the strongest brand ambassadors to represent your organization:

Strong Brand Ambassadors Build Strong Brands

1. Talk about what your brand stands for – and then repeat it.

The good news from the Gallup research is that about 30% of your brand’s representatives feel strongly that they know what makes your company different. Even though there may be dissention amongst those strongest supporters regarding precisely how you differ, what is most important is that you are having the ongoing dialog.

2. Extend that dialog all the way to your frontline representatives.

To your core team, your brand identity may be obvious. However, it’s worth restating the obvious and extending your mission, values and differentiated benefit throughout your organization, especially when your marketing initiatives kick into high gear.

3. Strong brand ambassadors proactively engage people in things that interest them.  

Strong brand ambassadors know how to proactively initiate conversation with others while promoting your brand. They know how to strike a common interest and are comfortable engaging in robust discussions while warmly dealing with even difficult people.

4. Strong brand ambassadors exemplify the qualities of your brand.

Strong brand ambassadors are leaders. They embody the values, the character and the overall image inherent to the brand. They know how to transfer your brand’s favorable qualities to your customers, so that they feel also feel that they embody those same favorable qualities.

5. Seize the opportunity to build a relationship with your audience by getting the right people to represent your brand.

Speaking about your brand is one thing; building a solid relationship with your target audience is another. The latter is more important. Your brand ambassador’s face-to-face encounters with your audience are significant because these interactions create the opportunity to start and build a relationship between your customer and your brand. In case you missed it, see our article about Transforming Engagement Into Sticky Customers.


6. Strong brand ambassadors know how to amplify.

Along with many other qualities, strong brand ambassadors know how to use the latest technology that your target audience recognizes. Your brand ambassadors should know how to help your audience use social media tools to share their positive experiences with others. They know how to spread enthusiasm.

“There is an attention deficit in the marketing world. Brands, consumers – everyone is pushing out content. To clear the clutter, connect with your brand’s biggest advocates by talking about your values and connecting on a very one-to-one level,” says Bauerle.

Ready to hire strong brand ambassadors? Selecting the right brand ambassador to extend your brand persona is an essential part of any marketing strategy.

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Using Event Marketing Technology to Create Brand Loyalty

Using Event Marketing to Create Brand Loyalty

Transforming Engagement into Sticky Customers

Most people think that the best way to hold onto customers is through “engagement” — interacting as much as possible with current and potential clients in the name of building relationships. It turns out that that’s rarely true.

Why? For many consumers, the rising volume of marketing messages is overwhelming. Rather than pulling customers into the fold, often companies are pushing out too much information through too many channels. Brands offer dozens of options or superficial personalization, and can even push people away with relentless or poorly conceived efforts to “engage” an audience through so many channels.

What’s the problem with information overload? One of the most common consumer responses to the excess of data and choices is to forgo a purchase altogether. In short, too much choice or too much information can be paralyzing.

StimulationOver the past two decades, a wide range of experiments have shed light on how an excess of information and choice impairs decision making.

In one memorable experiment illustrating this principle, a student sets up a booth at a supermarket and presents 6 pots of jam on one day and then 24 pots of jam on another. When they had to choose from among 6 products, 30% of the consumers made a purchase. However, when confounded by so many choices (selecting from 24 pots of jam), only 3% of those consumers made a purchase.

However, there is a silver lining. One reason why marketers are dedicating ever greater resources toward event marketing is because well-designed events can reach consumers who are desperately seeking help to cut through all the noise. If events are executed correctly, consumers can connect with the brand on a much deeper level. For this reason, event marketing is critically important in fostering brand loyalty among brand advocates.

In this article, we’re going to reveal some of the biggest myths when engaging with customers. Plus, as event marketing leaders who help the world’s leading brands effectively communicate with their clients and prospective consumers, we’ll share some great ideas about how to use event marketing to cut through the noise in order to build a greater sense of brand loyalty from your best customers. Some of our ideas might even surprise you:


Brand Loyalty Myths

Myth #1: Interactions build relationships.

No, they don’t.

Shared values build relationships. A shared value is a belief that both the consumer and the brand share about a brand’s higher purpose, mission or broad philosophy.

Therefore, brand loyalty is built on shared values. These are similar opinions or a commonly held philosophy on particular issues that you, your business, and your customers share. According to a Harvard Business Review study of over 7,000 consumers here and abroad, “of the consumers in our study who said they have a brand relationship, 64 percent cited shared values as the primary reason. That’s far and away the largest driver.” Meanwhile, only 13% of these consumers cited frequent interactions with the brand as a reason for having a relationship.

GolfTEC Events Helps Build Brand LoyaltyHow should you market differently?

Many brands already state a higher purpose within their missions. Go back to that.

“Event marketing ideally reiterates that purpose with your audience. There is no need to clutter the event with an overload of data or product sheets filled with features and benefits – focus on communicating your brand’s philosophy and higher purpose,” says Steve Bauerle, GolfTEC’s Vice President of Business Development.

Whether it’s Tom’s Shoes commitment to others in need, or Mercedes Benz’s mission to passionately shape the future of the automobile, this higher purpose feels authentic to consumers. Breathe life into your brand by sharing stories, words, images and messages that reiterate your company’s values.

“If you provide a credible basis for shared values and relationship-building, the event will make a lasting and favorable impression on your consumers,” says Bauerle.

“Then, we reinforce that system of values throughout our unique follow-up with your consumers,” adds Bauerle.

As a case in point, brand marketers often believe that consumers interact with them on social media to join a community and feel connected to the brand. But consumers have little interest in having a relationship beyond the merely transactional. Their top reasons for connecting online: to get information and discounts, and to buy things. (In case you missed it, we talked about why people engage with brands via social media here.)

To make customers “sticky”—that is, likely to follow through on an intended purchase, buy the product repeatedly, and recommend it— brand marketers must simplify consumers’ decision making. They must help them navigate the path to their purchase.
To this goal, the most effective marketers use three tactics:


  1. They minimize the number of information sources consumers must touch as they move confidently toward a purchase;
  2. They provide trustworthy sources of product information and recommendations;
  3. They offer tools that allow consumers to weigh their options by identifying the features that are most relevant to them.


Simplify the purchase decision process. This means you need to simplify the way people research your products or services, and minimizing the number of information sources your consumers touch while moving ever so confidently toward a purchase. Brands create brand loyalty through simplification. [Hint: the savviest brands achieve this by personalizing the route. This might mean using technology to help guide consumers through a self-identification process, or segmenting information into useful but abbreviated snippets – think of DeBeers and the ‘4 C’s of diamond buying’ as an example.]

Then, try delivering the message of your enlightened, simplified path to purchase at an event geared toward your passionate audience. You will witness your dear consumers engage with you on a different level and very likely with your intended results.


Loyalty Branding GolfTEC Golf Events


Myth #2: The more interaction the better.


There is absolutely no correlation between interactions with a customer and the likelihood that he or she will be “sticky” (which we are defining here as going through with an intended purchase, purchasing again, and recommending).

Simplify your marketing message

Clear the clutter from your messaging. It will create bigger impact than offering too many choices or too much data.

Yet, the majority of marketers behave as if there is a continuous linear relationship between the number of interactions and money spent. Many household brands each send customers over 300 emails annually. Repetition does not correlate with spending, because what you quickly discover is that the linear relationship flattens much more quickly than you think.

Just like the example of having 24 pots of jam thrust at you at once, these repeated emails offering “helpful” information quickly become an overwhelming torrent. Soon, and without realizing it, brands add to the information bombardment consumers feel as they shop. This actually reduces stickiness rather than enhancing it. Especially as the latest Google and Yahoo email systems helps users prioritize and sort incoming emails, it is critically important that you minimize how many of your emails go unread. Email systems are using every bit of data about which emails you read, delete or worst of all – marked as spam – and your impact is greatly diminished with each additional ignored email.

How should you market differently?

Instead of relentlessly demanding ever more consumer attention, treat the attention you do win as precious. Each time you generate a new touch point, ask whether this next email campaign/flyer/print advertisement/etc. is going to reduce the cognitive overload consumers feel as they shop. If the answer is “no” or “not sure,” go back to the drawing board. When it comes to interacting with your customers, more isn’t better.

This is where event marketing really shines. Event marketing creates loyalty. Nothing bonds a consumer or buyer to a brand like an experience. By sharing your brand’s values, mission or purpose into an event that is memorable – that you can hear, see, taste, touch, or smell — you build powerful connections to your brand.

Brand Loyalty

Use events as an opportunity to thank clients for their loyalty, and listen to how and why they are connecting with your brand.

Invite your top consumers to a VIP event. Use the opportunity to thank them for their loyalty, and listen to how and why they are connecting with your brand. Ask them to share that with others who might have the same values.

“Clients who understand they share a passion with their clients are deeply connected through shared experiences. We help companies share their mission or purpose so they can connect with consumers at golf, tennis, volleyball, and other events…the point is to share a meaningful experience that builds brand loyalty,” explains Bauerle.


Creating Brand Loyalty with GolfTEC


Myth #3: Most consumers want to have relationships with your brand.

Actually, they don’t.

Even the very definition of branding has evolved quite rapidly over the past couple of years, mainly due to the advent of social media and the decline of the influence of traditional media. No longer are brands manufactured behind corporate board rooms nor are perceptions shaped primarily based on what corporations tell us to believe through advertising. Today a brand is defined as your reputation built atop your mission and promise to your customers and the sum of all of their experiences with you.

In reality, less than 25% of consumers claim to have a relationship with a brand. This is because most consumers believe that relationships are reserved for friends, family and colleagues. You don’t have relationships with brands, you have relationships with people.

How should you market differently?

First, understand how your consumers are segmented. Sure, you will have brand advocates who want a relationship with you. Find places to connect with your consumer – get out there and mingle with your customers. Don’t be tempted to group your customers as mere statistics. Pay more attention to what your analytics are telling you about their behaviors.

Most importantly, stop bombarding consumers who don’t want a relationship. Look toward other venues to change the message to one of finding common ground – either through discovering shared beliefs, mission or a higher purpose.

“If you can connect with your consumers in a more intimate setting, or build upon a shared system of beliefs at a larger venue, the scale of the event does not matter as much as defining an event where your customers get to know who you are, and what you stand for in comparison to all of the other companies out there,” says Bauerle.


Building Loyal Consumers with GolfTEC


Myth #4. You cannot do good, win customers and create loyalty at the same time.


Customers want to do business and recommend brands that do social good. Promoting a cause through an event builds community, creates loyalty, and builds brand awareness. According to the 2012 Edelman Good Purpose Survey, “Accomplishing all three objectives at the same time is not a strange business fantasy. In fact, 76% of consumers said it was appropriate for companies to support a social cause while making money. So what promotional tool do businesses use to do good for the community and do good for the business? Two words: Event marketing.”

“Event marketing builds a stronger sense of community by putting a face to your brand. You are no longer an abstract corporate identity or mission statement on a web page – now you are a living, breathing individual or group of individuals supporting a common cause or shared values,” affirms Bauerle.

WE ARE GOLF met with Members of Congress during the sixth annual National Golf Day to share stories and new data about golf’s diverse businesses, employees, tax revenue creation, tourism and charitable benefits, and environmental leadership.

WE ARE GOLF met with Members of Congress during the sixth annual National Golf Day to share stories and new data about golf’s diverse businesses, employees, tax revenue creation, tourism and charitable benefits, and environmental leadership.

How should you market differently?

We all know the value of a healthy community. Whether you choose to support a national cancer prevention program or a local initiative to add sidewalks next to a busy road, your efforts are a tangible way to act as a neighborhood or community steward.

By giving attendees something memorable to hear, see, taste, touch, or smell, you build powerful connections to your brand. Few things build loyalty like creating an unforgettable event experience.

Ready to use our event marketing technology to create brand loyalty? 

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Corporate Hospitality: Building The VIP Experience

Savvy Ways to Use Corporate Hospitality as a Business Development Strategy |

We don’t promote tossing people around at gala events. We certainly don’t suggest that your wife’s no-holds-barred birthday fete is justification to let loose the Corporate Amex. However, we do know that just as there are myriad sensible occasions to gather your client elite from time to time, there are also just as many potential pitfalls to avoid when entertaining your VIP clients.

We’ve hosted hundreds of events for today’s leading companies. Although a small minority still views corporate entertainment as an executive indulgence, we’re here to explain why corporate hospitality events are a vital communications tool.

In this Modern Executive’s Guide to Corporate Hospitality, we also provide a few tips to ensure that your corporate hospitality events avoid the cruel judgment of hindsight.

GolfTEC Events Guide to Corporate Hospitality

GolfTEC Events Corporate VIP Hospitality Events

It’s all about relationships.

In its most common form, corporate hospitality events form around cultural, sports and art exhibitions. Mixers or pre-dinner parties segue into some form of entertainment that is meant to provide a backdrop for conversation, whether that entertainment takes the form of an acoustic ensemble or elaborate live performance. Perhaps a meal ensues, with more entertainment and convivial discussion. The success of these events relies on whether your corporate hospitality event planner struck the perfect balance of entertainment, environment and enrichment to facilitate communication.

Johnnie Walker_golftec_event_managementUltimately, all of these interactions point to one thing -> your corporate hospitality events should be relationship-driven. 

When do you know your event is over the top? Hospitality events should create dialog amongst all of your hospitality event attendees. Sure, events might include unconventional methods of entertainment, but underlying all activity should be real dialog. It’s often a matter of dose.



GolfTEC Events Golf Hospitality Events

Create Quality One-on-One Time.

Some event settings are better than others at creating intimacy with your VIP guests. How often have you attended an event where you are charged with making the rounds to meet and greet each of your guests, but that mission gets derailed mid-eve by an especially chatty plus one? Or, you find that there is just not enough time to squeeze in all of the important conversations because there are too few opportunities for quality, one-on-one dialogs?

Timing your conversations around entertainment event schedules, noise levels and availability of each of your corporate hospitality event attendees is a challenge.

Great corporate hospitality events are designed to create a flow of traffic. Rather than moving throughout the room to speak with your dignitaries, what if each guest came to you? Ideally, you would have the flexibility to control how much time you spend with each guest, while still having the complete freedom to work the room.

“Our events allow the host to linger with an individual VIP guest as they choose, but there is also an ebb and flow to the event that makes it completely acceptable for the host to opt-in or -out of certain dialogs,” states Steve Bauerle, Vice President of Business Development, GolfTEC Events.

“We create intimacy during our events that is really hard to duplicate in other corporate event settings,” adds Bauerle.


GolfTEC VIP Golf Events

Host an event based on a common passion.

Corporate executives have passions. Obviously, we’re passionate about golf.

When you host events based on a common passion, dialog flows easily. You are in a setting that you enjoy, that your VIP guest enjoys, and let’s face it — even if the stage of Mother Nature performs unexpectedly that day, to us even a blustery day on the course is still a great day.

Build on a common passion for your next corporate hospitality event. Would your corporate VIP’s enjoy participating in the excitement of the US Open Tennis Championships? Would they want to compete globally in a virtual golf tournament? Or, would dialog flow more readily as part of an intimate group improving their business golf skills in an intensive, on-site, private hosted reception?

Rather than inviting your key clients to a seminar, for example, you could invite a key client group to a private, 3-hour GolfTEC Instruction Center event. There, your guests nosh on the requisite catered snacks and drinks, but also meet passionate golf professionals who can spend quality time improving your client’s tendency to roll that hand over to the left as the club comes into the ball at impact. The situation creates ample opportunities to build rewarding relationships with like-minded, passionate individuals.


“In the financial services business, an evolution has taken place in the last several years. Everyone is going after the high net-worth investor…With so much more competition; it has become even more difficult to attract the high net-worth client. A recent success came from the introduction of GolfTEC to a prospective client. After years of declined invitations to seminars and events, a high net-worth business owner got excited by an invitation to an event at GolfTEC. His attendance at the event was the ice breaker that ultimately resulted in a multi-million dollar new relationship. GolfTEC opened a door that had been closed for years. Thanks, GolfTEC!”

Dan Thompson, Merrill Lynch


GolfTEC Events VIP Hospitality Events

When you build upon a shared passion with your key clients, you are building a relationship based on solid ground.

GolfTEC Events Corporate Hospitality

Connecting with your VIP guests over a shared passion is ideal, but what if you do not know their passions?

Discovery is part of the process. Ask and invite. If your VIP guests repeatedly decline, find out why. All of your VIP guests might not golf, but they overwhelmingly see the value of mingling with their cohorts who do.

Some immediate options are to create a simulated setting where golfers of various playing abilities can actively participate and enjoy. This might be the difference that increases your corporate hospitality event’s participation while igniting an emerging passion. Even if an individual’s latent golf talent is not immediately ignited by your golf corporate hospitality event, making that person much less awkward in any golf setting will be appreciated.


Discover what your VIP’s are passionate about, and use that passion as a backdrop for your corporate hospitality events. For example, we know that people are passionate about lots of sports beyond golf. Did you know that we’re the event management and technology engine behind other sports and sporting events such as the US Open (tennis) and the AVP Championships (volleyball)?


GolfTEC Events Planning Corporate Hospitality Programs

Give the individual lots of ways to grow.

Now that you’ve identified a way to build on a common passion with your VIP clients, enhance that individual’s life. As an example, inviting a VIP to series of golf events will fortify the relationship, especially if his or her own individual performance improves through the process.

“Every executive golfer remembers when he broke through 100, 90, 80 or par. Do you think it reflects favorably on the sponsor who made each of these milestones achievable?”Asks Steve Bauerle, Vice President of Business Development, GolfTEC Events.

Compare the outcome of inviting that same VIP to a series of musical performances. The outcome is likely to depend on how much that individual enjoyed the various musical genres, but in any case he’s not going to play the violin any better than when he started.

The best relationships are the ones where there is mutual benefit. It goes right back to that old saying, would you rather give a man a fish or teach him to fish? Teaching an individual to fish has a much more profound impact.


GolfTEC Events VIP Hospitality Programs

Groom your VIPs into Elephants.

GolfTEC engages clients

Your golf event partner should know how to connect your brand with your VIP guests.

Every relationship starts somewhere, and that means that some of your biggest VIPS are yet to be discovered. Great corporate events enable your cherished clients to learn more about each other. Just as your guests do not want the high pressure sales pitch, nor do you want to feel like you are standing around, waiting to be called on to the dance floor.

Savvy people don’t want to be sold – they prefer instead to experience other facets about your potential relationship outside of the context of using your product or service. In short, they want to test-drive a deeper relationship – to see if they like your temperament and style as you interact.

As they learn about you, they open up about themselves. This when you gain insights regarding their joy and pain – and whether you can help solve their problems.

Breakthrough events are the ones where you are able to really form a lasting bond with your clients. It might not be practical or desirable to host every guest for 18 holes at Pebble Beach, but a virtual round in the perfect environment of our corporate hospitality tent, with all of your key staff in arms’ reach – priceless.

“GolfTEC Events’ corporate hospitality events can give you the right setting to learn more about your clients. GolfTEC Coaches know how to facilitate conversation amongst corporate hospitality event attendees, strengthen a common passion within your client, and they do this while improving a player’s performance. It’s a corporate hospitality trifecta,” states Bauerle.



Ready to learn about GolfTEC Events' corporate hospitality programs?

Ready to talk about your VIP corporate hospitality events?

GolfTEC Events builds corporate hospitality settings that help you connect with your corporate hospitality guests:

As one example, the GolfTEC Events mobile Hospitality Program enables the complete flexibility to adapt to traffic, venue and event formats:

  • Intimate, one-on-one lessons which can be accessed and reviewed online at a custom web site
  • These lessons that can be offered during slow periods or during lower crowds, or scheduled as traffic flow requires
  • Golf Simulator to facilitate 9-18 holes of virtual golf at the world’s leading courses
  • Closest-to-the-Pin or Long-Drive contests

Each GolfTEC Simulator and Teaching  Bay, staffed by two GolfTEC Certified PGA Professionals, measures 15’ W x 20’ L x 10’ H, so it is appropriate for many hospitality settings such as hospitality tents, VIP suites, and corporate hospitality installations at tournaments and events.

Another example of an ideal setting for your next corporate hospitality event is to host the event at any one of our worldwide GolfTEC Improvement Centers.

We can accommodate from 10–100 guests with exclusive access to our Certified Personal Coaches™ and all the facilities of our Improvement Centers. Use the lobby to give a presentation to your guests or simply to mingle with, thank and develop your client base. Catered food and drink can be provided.

Guests can then visit a teaching bay for a short personal lesson, swing analysis, or equipment advice from a GolfTEC Coach. We’ll record their session on video so after the party, they can access their video through your website, allowing you to further build on your relationship.

Improvement Center parties include:

  • Three hour private party
  • Three to five teaching bays
  • Three to five GolfTEC Certified Personal Coaches
  • Custom website and email for lesson access after party


Request a Customized Proposal


The Great Mash-Up: Social Media + Event Marketing + Technology

GolfTEC Drives Social Media Engagement

When you bring a couple of new technologies and mediums together in novel ways, you’ve got the right mix to fascinate audiences. Sure, we’ve all witnessed the rise of social media + event marketing. Chances are that you’ve directly participated in a few or more social media channels yourself, whether related to an event or not.

What we’re talking about here is mashing up your event marketing programs, social media channels, and our corporate event technology for a refreshing way to build relationships with your audience.


Social media doesn’t drive commerce? We beg to differ. 

Although we’ve all learned that social media channels don’t drive direct sales, we do know that the social web strongly influences purchase decisions.

When you consider that US internet users spend three times longer on social media and blogs than email, you can bet we are each digesting a steady stream of opinions and advice about everything from cooking to cars.

This steady diet of social media is not confined to Americans. Australian POS provider Fedelta reports these compelling statistics in their info graphic:

  • 92% shoppers have more confidence in online information than whatever [a] salesclerk has to say
  • 50% of mobile searches lead to sales
  • 81% love to see products being used in video reviews
  • 75% said user-generated videos reviewing a product have affected a purchasing decision
  • 55% share purchases on social networks


GolfTEC leverages the exponential power of social media

Is your brand using every opportunity to shape online conversations about your offerings?


What do people want from brands on social media?

People want (1) deals and promotions; (2) reward programs; (3) exclusive content; and (4) feedback on new products – in that order. When you consider the 400% increase in social media use over the past several years, it is clear that your social media channels are a critical tool for your company. Since the application of social media to novel situations is evolving so quickly, opportunities to apply its myriad tools are mind-boggling.


Now, let’s talk about the convergence of social media + event marketing.  

Event marketing is growing because it is effective. Whether you call it experiential marketing, event marketing, participatory advertising, or any other name, creating events and experiences helps the savviest companies exceed revenue expectations.

US Open

Three primary strategies behind event marketing are to increase sales, boost brand awareness, and enhance product knowledge and understanding.


At a time when the focus of corporate marketing and communications is squarely on technology, and social media in particular, event and experiential marketing spending by brands is still growing much faster than the overall economy.

Where’s the proof? Companies that measure their event marketing programs more than doubled their event program budgets (from 2011 to 2012). Even companies that do not measure the results of their events increased budgets by nearly 5%. So, while most companies sense that event marketing works, those companies who measure their results are making serious financial commitments to future event marketing programs.

event-marketing-success-golftecEvent Marketing Institute (EMI) reported in its EventTrack 2012: Event & Experiential Marketing Industry and Best Practices Study that “…a significant 95% of the respondents said that participating in a recent event made them more inclined to purchase the products being promoted. Additionally, 71% of the consumers said they felt more positive about the company, brand or product following their event experience.”


Along with surveys of brands and agencies, EMI surveyed nearly 200 brands, 1200 consumers (most often at large big box retail and supermarkets) and 89 agencies that have recently participated in events and experiences to conclude that (a) event marketing is considered very important or even critical by organizations, and (b) events strengthen relationships with consumers, driving increased profitability.

In its second annual study, EMI released these additional insights at EventTrack 2013:

  • Almost 9 out of 10 consumers become regular customers after attending a live brand event
  • 95 percent of consumers reported that their participation in a recent event made them more inclined to purchase the products promoted
  • 52 percent stated that they bought the product or service promoted at a recent event they attended
  • 54 percent said they purchased the product or service at a later date
  • 88 percent of event guests who buy once said afterwards they became loyal customers


Where’s the opportunity for social media + event marketing? Although only 28% of brands say their social media efforts are “very integrated” with their event and experiential marketing, 49% say these two mediums are “somewhat” integrated. Across the board, further integration is a priority.

Here’s why:  Presently, social media is mainly being used to communicate event information and to reach a wider number of people. Of course, creating interesting events and driving participation by employing social media channels is part of a critical and evolving relationship.

However, the most savvy brand engineers are learning how to better connect their event audiences with online communities of clients, prospects and influencers. Technology is being used to link these seemingly different communities into one. When you merge your online and offline communities, you develop a robust environment where you participate in the dialog about your brand and gain key insights regarding how your offerings are being used (and why they are not being used!).

Now, you are part of the online dialog. You are facilitating an ongoing conversation between your company’s evangelists, brand engineers, clients and prospective consumers. You can stop pushing information, and instead shape the context of conversations and actively participate.

As a result, the relationship between events and social media channels is metamorphosing beyond mere art form into a measurable science. And, these scientific findings can benefit every department of your business enterprise.


So, how does GolfTEC Events technology fit in with social media + event marketing?

When you merge your events programs, social media resources and our corporate event technology, you create a trifecta of ripe-for-social-sharing-goodness that makes people engage.


Here’s a tip list for your next event:

Social Sharing Powered by Human Nature.  

Have you seen me lately? Narcissism is just one of several, powerful human nature drivers of social sharing. Every social media strategist needs to consider the why behind social sharing:

The compulsion to share is driven by (a) hedonism, as in sharing beautiful photographs and sharing to meet and mingle with other people; (b) altruism, as in sharing to be helpful to others; (c) homophily, which is to fortify relationships with people of the same ideals, interests and characteristics; (d) memetics, which is replicating ideas or habits across populations; (e) tribalism, or sharing out of loyalty to one’s brand or group; and, of course, (f) narcissism, as in I am fascinated with myself and you should be, too!

People are driven by each of these powerful drivers in various degrees at various times, but in any case people share for many, many reasons – and they are only too happy to do so if you establish the proper environment.

If you create sharing opportunities accessible to consumers across all platforms (via desktop, tablet, smart device, etc) your brand’s social worth is exponentially amplified in a very cost effective manner.

Overlay this primal social sharing urge with the right experiential marketing environment, and you’ve got a fascinating offering ripe for social sharing.


It’s still a SoLoMo world.

Social, local, and mobile integrations enable consumers to take control of their own experiences with brands. If you create fun events that provide an ideal backdrop for social sharing across all mobile and static platforms, your brand unlocks brand amplification via Facebook check-ins, Twitter hash tags, likes, and sharing of personalized video and web content.

GolfTEC Events taps into consumers’ primal social urges by creating opportunities for consumers to share their experiences at sporting events around the world: Share video of your golf swing at the PGA Championship, your tennis serve at the US Open, or your slalom ski moves at Vail.

What’s the bottom line? Create beautiful backdrops, converge the big three technology trends of social, local and mobile technology, and give your audience something to talk about.


Your Next Event Converts Social Media Interaction to Commerce

Events should be closely tied to sales initiatives. When your event delivers top-line growth as part of broader, integrated programs closely tied to other marketing campaigns and media, that growth can be measured and improved upon.

For example, we can create an event within an event where we can attract a new audience for your offerings – putting contests, global virtual golf tournaments, or localized competitions. During your next trade show event, in addition to interacting with your consumer one-on-one by offering personalized golf instruction at the event, try also hosting an off-site VIP event for select attendees. We’ll create an additional setting where you can engage directly, teach current and prospective clients about your product in a relaxed environment, and all of this interaction is done is a quality way.

Why does it work? People go to events to experience new things, and you’re giving them exactly what they want. You’ll quickly see that they will want to share it with their friends.


Create Exclusivity with Social Media Event Marketing + GolfTEC Events.

When you think about those primal urges driving social media, think about how GolfTEC Events creates an ideal backdrop for social engagement: High-profile sporting events. Pristine golf courses. VIP Events. Personalized video content. Whether the force behind sharing is motivated by an individual’s desire to impress, belong, help, or meet new people with common interests, social sharing amplifies your brand’s reach. When your event is something beyond the ordinary – our goal for every event we create for our clients – people sense the exclusivity of the occasion and share it with their social networks.

Whether you are fortifying relationships with your existing clientele, introducing your brand to an expanding audience, or earning favor with critical stakeholders of your organization, you are tapping into these undeniable human nature drivers that compel us to share.


Reward Social Behavior with Social Media  Event Marketing + GolfTEC Events.  

An interesting concept for events is to present an offer where guests choose their level of interaction with your brand. For example, you could offer perks in exchange for unlocking certain levels of social sharing activity.

Want a free Swing Evaluation at GolfTEC? Pay with a Tweet!

Want to earn a complimentary private party at your local GolfTEC? Contribute photos and a story about your experience with your brand to win.

Want a new set of golf clubs and customTECFIT© club fitting? Unlock chances for the prize by viewing or sharing videos about new product features.



Events, Social Sharing and GolfTEC Boosts Natural Search!

As a wonderful by-product of event driven social media sharing, did you know that your next GolfTEC event can boost your visibility in online search results?

Of course, search engine optimization is a strange brew of keyword density, context and a complex web of on and off-page factors every month. However, did you know:

  • Social media can help search engines find and index your content faster. Tweets help Google index your page within two minutes versus two hours.
  • Social activity such as likes, shares, retweets, etc. indicate to search engines you’re your content is new and interesting, and that is rewarded with a boost in rankings.
  • Your content will increase in search results for people ‘connected’ to you.
  • Social activity increases domain authority and the number of inbound links to your website.


Of course, the bottom line is to create memorable events—and make sure there’s significant consumer engagement long after the event is over. Ready to talk to us about your next event?

Request a Customized Proposal



Seeing Green: 10 Ways to Play More Golf (at Work!) Using Golf Simulator Technology

GolfTEC golf swing analyzer and golf course simulator

Golf simulator technology has exploded in the past few years, bringing the virtual golf experience to new heights. Long gone are the days of inaccurate shots and poor graphics, replaced by sleek, highly interactive golf experiences.

Golf simulation technology transports you to the world’s greatest courses so that you can mimic playing the actual hole at, say The Road Hole #17 at The Old Course, St. Andrews, or another notable #17 at TPC Sawgrass.

Of course, most golf enthusiasts want to find ways to spend more time playing golf. Now, by using the latest and greatest golf simulator technology, we’re here to tell you how you can spend a lot more time playing golf… and, at work while driving your business.

Advancements in the technology, coupled with our experience in adapting that technology to an event setting, means that you could be seeing a whole lot more green in your immediate future.


Using Golf Simulator Technology to Improve Your Bottom Line

Over the past decade, GolfTEC Events has adapted our highly sophisticated golf simulation technology to create highly-effective virtual golf experiences within a corporate event and experiential setting. What we’ve discovered over that time can help you boost your company’s performance.

GolfTEC Corporate Events Golf Simulators

Whether golf simulators are used for generating leads, team building or sales incentives, they can be used to get results. How do you use golf simulation technology to boost your bottom line? Strengthen company loyalty? Pour rocket fuel on your sales incentive campaign?

While the most sophisticated installed virtual golf simulator systems approach $80-100k – a price range usually accessible only for PGA TOUR Pros, rock stars and celebrities – did you know that this same high-powered golf simulator technology can be borrowed? And, not just borrowed, but actually made even better since none of these high-end, highly sophisticated and precise golf simulator installations include one critical aspect: interaction with a golf teaching professional.

Wait, what? Why do you need a teaching pro if you’ve got all of this great technology?

As these modern golf simulators have the capability to measure all critical ball and club parameters including the shape of your shot, ball speed, club speed, launch angle, club face angle, swing tempo, ball spin and spin axis with extreme accuracy, what do you do with all of this data?

Personal coaches help you understand and decipher the massive overload of data, e.g. what do the best players do, how your body position compares to the pros, and how your individual swing impacts your decisions regarding equipment.


GolfTEC golf simulator technology exceptional with coaching professionals

Golf simulator technology is leading-edge but delivers a tremendous amount of data. Personal coaches help decipher that data into meaningful tips and suggestions for game improvement.


“One reason why the world’s most respected businesses use GolfTEC’s technology for their corporate events is because we help them build an environment. We customize an environment for each client. And, just as each client has its own unique branding, style and values, we work with each client to personalize the entire experience,” says Steve Bauerle, VP Business Development for GolfTEC.

“The environment is the sum of the entire experience: it starts with the branding concept, then on to the space, color scheme and style of the booth, lighting, photos and digital graphic displays, all the way to the interior and exterior signage,” adds Bauerle.


What’s so cool about this? If you want to create the experience for your clients of playing at the Masters or the U.S. Open simultaneously with the live tournament, that can be arranged. For example, create dialog around how each individual would approach that day’s most challenging shots.

Emphasizing your company’s brilliant history? How about enabling your clients to replay some of golf’s most memorable golf moments? If you are highlighting the importance of sportsmanship to your executives there are some pretty incredible golf moments that capture that idea. Did you see Phil Mickelson’s “thumbs up” to Justin Rose as he sunk his putt on the 17th hole during the 2012 Ryder Cup? There are limitless possibilities for integrating GolfTEC Events to boost your company’s brand and image.


We’ve compiled this Top 10 list of ideas to help you put more green into your workplace using golf simulator technology:


More Green Tip #1: Lead Generation – Golf Simulators Attract Crowds

Golf attracts people. Standing at a golf simulator is an easy way to break the ice at trade shows, conferences or other large events where you are trying to connect with as many people as possible within a short period of time. Want a line to form at your booth? Go with a golf-themed event booth. Need something low-key? An event booth featuring a putting green may be better suited to your event than a full swing analysis booth.

You could also bring golf simulators into your retail environment to draw potential leads into your business setting. Even if you can only spare a 10’x10’ space, golf simulation technology can be used to help you generate leads for your business.


Creating the best golf simulator experience

Using a golf simulator for your trade show booth allows your company to advertise your products and provide sponsorship, while giving potential customers a virtual golfing experience using real clubs and real balls. It recreates all the sights and sounds of a real golfing experience.

More Green Tip #2: Program Participation – Golf Simulator Technology Boosts Competitive Juices

Today’s realistic golf simulators not only enable golf enthusiasts to practice and play golf indoors, they also enable individuals of all backgrounds to compete against others in virtual competitions across the world. Your US-based sales team can now compete in a virtual golf competition with your design team in London (and without the added expense and logistical challenges). Mix and mingle golf into your cocktail parties for a great stir to the usual pour.

Or, invite your trade partners to compete in a month-long golf competition leading up to your trade show event.


GolfTEC Events virtual golf contest

Even when the weather will not cooperate, golf simulators let players build skills and share their experiences with other players.

More Green Tip #3: Client Loyalty – Golf Simulators Attract & Retain Audiences

For example, we know that our clients who offer a single golf swing analysis session at a trade show event attracts more visitors to their booth. During the session, participants develop rapport with company representatives. Most notably, that single interaction will yield an average of 16:00 minutes of focused attention by that prospective client, even after the event has ended. (If you missed it, check out last month’s feature, Successful Trade Show Booth Ideas.)


More Green Tip #4: Branding – Build Your Brand with Golf

We elaborate on why the most successful companies use golf to fortify their branding strategies in our featured article, “Intense Branding,” but we’ll summarize here: If your company hosts events, sponsors golf tournaments, entertains dignitaries or provides incentives for key employees, any of these activities is an opportunity to fortify your brand identity. Read why some of the most successful companies on the planet align themselves with golf to enhance their brand imaging strategy.


More Green Tip #5: Expand Your Client Base – The Desirable Golf Demographic

Golf attracts a desirable demographic for most businesses. If you want to learn more about the golf demographic in general, or about the elite golf demographic that makes up our passionate GolfTEC clientele, email us. There are opportunities to connect your products and services with our clients. Or, perhaps you need ideas for how to launch your new product or service across the country. Maybe you are just looking for a great new source of potential leads for your company? In any case, it pays to know how you can boost your business with the golf demographic.


More Green Tip #6: Limited Resources – Virtual Golf Defies Jetlag & Travel Budgets

While it might be impractical to invite your colleagues to play Pebble Beach this week, by using the latest golf simulator technology you can tee up these holes on a moment’s notice with incredible photorealistic and flight dynamic reality. Compete against your buddies on those same holes regardless of whether they are in the same office or across the globe. Virtual golf contests enable multiple players to compete in their time zone, at their convenience, without leaving home.


More Green Tip #7: Scale to the Masses with Online Golf Game Simulation

In case you have missed it so far, World Golf Tour ( is the hottest thing going in the online golf game arena. It’s no wonder – with up to 300,000 high-definition photos taken by land and helicopter and plane for each course and then overlaid with GPS accuracy – the resulting online golf game simulation experience is awesome. Now, imagine your company hosting a nationwide (or global) virtual tournament, where your participants play that tournament course at a retail location and then online (via desktop, iPad or iPhone), earning an opportunity to attend the tournament as a VIP. We can build this immersive experience for you, leverage social media sharing, and give your brand a huge boost. Sound like fun?


More Green Tip #8: Sales Performance – Tie Competitions to Sales Results  

Are your sales team development budgets limited? Establish a virtual golf contest where individuals compete on selected courses or holes anywhere in the world (yet without the need to travel to that course), where the entree fee is met only by exceeding their sales quota. Today’s modern golf simulation programs are sophisticated enough to track performance and provide a rich, competitive environment without all of the extensive resources required of a non-virtual golf tournament. Yet, it’s still a lot of fun, gets people excited and raises those competitive spirits to greater levels.


More Green Tip #9: Discover Which Equipment Plays To Your Strengths             

Now that we have collected all of this data about your golf swing using all of this great golf simulator technology, our Certified Personal Coaches can suggest precisely which driver would sing to your swing. The newest blades may be great for your colleague who is a three handicap, but your game begs for a little more forgiveness. Forget those equipment consumer reviews – your game is unique to you.  Feeling generous? Share this knowledge with your over-achieving sales team or highly appreciated client.          


And our More Green Tip #10:  Delegate! – Call Us for More Green into your Workplace   

Although you might not have a putting green in your lobby like we do, we know that if you share our passion for golf, we can help you find ways to put more green into your workplace. Give us a call, and we’ll help you figure out how to put our golf technology to work for your business.


Request a Customized Proposal


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