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The Make-or-Break First Impression

You have one chance to make a first impression(…)

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Tech It To The Next Level

Determining what's fresh in event marketing technology(…)

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Fueling Fan Passion

"When you empower fans to actively participate in a sporting event, your brand unleashes that fan’s passion while connecting your brand to all of those positive emotions.

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EVENT MARKETING: The Power of Good Data

"Not only is quality data critical to assess your ROI, but the increasing use of that data drives the technology and tools underlying the event marketing experiences you create is impacting your brand image more than ever.

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It's All About Me!

"The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.” To connect with people, you need to understand their passions. As some of the world’s leading companies are discovering, our powerful event marketing platform can be applied to sporting events beyond golf. (…)

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The Great Mash-Up: Social Media + Event Marketing + Technology

When you bring a couple of new technologies and mediums together in novel ways, you’ve got the right mix to fascinate audiences. Sure, we’ve all witnessed the rise of social media + event marketing. Chances are that you’ve directly participated in a few or more social media channels yourself, whether related to an event or(…)

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Using Event Marketing Technology to Create Brand Loyalty

Transforming Engagement into Sticky Customers |  Most people think that the best way to hold onto customers is through “engagement” — interacting as much as possible with current and potential clients in the name of building relationships. It turns out that that’s rarely true. Why? For many consumers, the rising volume of marketing messages is(…)


GolfTEC Events Blog

  • GolfTEC Travel Exclusive: Pebble Beach

    GolfTEC Travel Exclusive: Pebble Beach

    Share this article: Editor’s note: GolfTEC Travel recently completed its Pebble Beach Experience and GolfTEC SVP of Business Development, Steve Bauerle, was on hand to report how it went.   By Steve Bauerle What a great few days in Pebble Beach with GolfTEC Travel this past weekend! We enjoyed perfect weather all three days, starting our adventure with 18 holes(...)Read More »
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About GolfTEC Events

Through customized, interactive experiences that fuel your target demographic’s passion for golf, GolfTEC Events delivers golfers to help grow your brand.

Our scalable events are fully customized to serve your marketing goals on a global, regional or local level.

  • Engage current and prospective clients using golf experiences as a powerful platform
  • Drive traffic to trade show booths
  • Entertain VIPs with a memorable experience
  • Share your message with a passionate, highly-engaged audience

How we do it:

  • Patented technology systems designed for the environment
  • Highly-trained GolfTEC Certified PGA Professionals
  • Creation of personalized content
  • Appeal to an existing GolfTEC Community of 200,000 avid, affluent buyers

Growing to an organization which has taught over 5 MILLION golf lessons since 1995, maintains 26% of all lessons taught annually, has 190 Improvement Centers and a database of over 400,000 clients, it’s easy to see why GolfTEC Events has facilitated thousands of successful customer engagement opportunities. Very simply, GolfTEC Events brings golfers and your brand together by using their passion to fuel the engagement.